Social Entrepreneurship = The New Black

Greed is good. Who cares about the rest?

Luckily, that way of thinking is outdated thanks to the rise of social entrepreneurship worldwide. Focusing on the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) companies are now looking to create value for all stakeholders ranging from employees, to investors, to their local communities.

Finally, consumers are cherishing brands for their stories, working conditions, fair wages, ethical manufacturing, impact, and quality, instead of their margins and stock price. We want to cherish these companies too, so here are the stories of 5 social entrepreneurs who are impacting our world in a real way.

Nicholas Coblence, Cords for Music–Et3E

Check out their website here.

Ryne and Kelly Olson, GIVIDA Activewear

By promoting a better you, while providing for a better world, GIVIDA Activewear is committed to ending world hunger. With every purchase made, the brand will provide meals to malnourished children around the world including Uganda, Guatemala, and Kenya. Partnering with Action Against Hunger, GIVIDA Activewear’s goal is to save the lives of as many children as possible while providing a sustainable way for their villages to continue providing food for years to come.

Check out their website here.

Tina Tangalakis, Della

 Check out their website here.

Sabrina Mutukisna, The Town Kitchen

The Town Kitchen’s vision is to change the way people engage with food. In addition to preparing and delivering locally sourced gourmet meals, The Town Kitchen gives low-income youth the ability to network and build skills for whatever career path they choose. Operating out of Oakland, California, where one third of children live in households in which one or both parents are unemployed, The Town Kitchen provides the creative thinking to give these children an opportunity for a shining future.

Check out their website here.

Dallas Crum, Connor Kingsbury, Dylan Carlson, & Trevor Bostrom, Vivid Roots


Written by: Emilie Kruger

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