5 Ways the ‘Lean’ Approach Can Help Your Startup Grow

You’ve got a great idea, secured investment and have taken your product to market. You may have even experienced early success. But before long, cracks appear: The numbers are heading in slightly the wrong direction and unnervingly, things aren’t worki …


Why Market Research Matters

The first step in launching any successful business should be conducting research into prospective markets. Capturing and sifting through such data is Dionna McPhatter’s specialty. Before co-founding New York-based marketing firm The Strategy Collectiv …


Social-Media Marketing Is Not the Silver Bullet for Busy Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial life is busy. You spend long hours growing your business and serving your customers. On top of all of that, you have the normal responsibilities of life. You throw in a family, and it seems like there’s not enough time in each week. …


Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid With LinkedIn

With over 329 million members, LinkedIn can provide invaluable networking opportunities for professional services firms. Since it is a social network geared specifically to business professionals, LinkedIn users don’t have to battle the private and pub …


Are you Ready to Socially Engage Your Company? – 10 Steps to Social Engaging Your Organization

Social media has become one of the most important, yet most misunderstood brand promotion methods in the world. Brandishing social media properly can get your brand exposure that you could never have imagined. Follow these 10 basic steps to use the potential of social media fully.


12 Social-Media Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make

  What’s a big social-media mistake that business owners make?       Ignoring social media altogether, because they don’t have time to understand its impact. They write it off in the name of focusing on other more pressing prioritie …