LinkedIn Myths: Debunked

In this extra nerdy rendition of MythBusters, I’m shedding light on the truth behind 5 of the most common LinkedIn myths.

Myth #1: Only Connect With People You Know

Go ahead; be as selective as you want with who you accept as your Facebook friend or your Instagram follower, but with your LinkedIn account, having connections you don’t personally know won’t hurt you. LinkedIn is all about building relationships, and like any relationship, you have to be a little vulnerable and put yourself out there.

Myth #2: If You Update Your Profile, Everyone Will Know

So you’re sprucing up your LinkedIn profile, but don’t want your boss or existing contacts to be notified? Luckily for you, they don’t have to!

To update your profile, scroll about halfway down the edit profile page and on the right hand side you’ll see the option to notify your network. Simply, click the “yes” or “no” button and update away!

Notify Network: LinkedIn Myths     Notify Network: LinkedIn Myths

Another tip to keep in mind is LinkedIn will only notify your connections if you:

  • Update your profile headline
  • Add a new job position
  • Edit your current job position (even if you just correct a typo)
  • Add or edit any education or degrees


Myth #3: Only Post Content About Your Company Or Your Industry

People like meeting and doing business with others they have something in common with. In addition to your line of work, your hobbies may ignite a friendship, so don’t forget to show some love to your favorite pastimes!

LinkedIn provides a few areas throughout your profile to include your favorite activities including interests, organizations, and volunteer sections. There are also thousands of groups dedicated to hobbies and interests, so join some of those and meet other people who share the same passions!

Myth #4: LinkedIn Is All About YOU

The “me, me, me” approach on any social media platform is usually not too well received, and LinkedIn is no exception. In Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” we learn that people care more about hearing about themselves than they do hearing about you. Keep that in mind when you’re making connections on LinkedIn. Come up with something nice to say to your connections about their business or their hobbies, and make sure to show a genuine interest in what they are up to.

Myth #5: My Prospects Aren’t On LinkedIn

You’ve probably heard people say that only B2B companies can successfully market on LinkedIn. In case you haven’t guessed, that’s also a myth! Just about every organization, no matter what kind of products they provide, can use their LinkedIn company page to raise awareness of new promotions, services, and even regional offerings. A great example of a B2C company utilizing LinkedIn in an innovative way is Target, who uses their company page to give insight into the faces and policies behind their culture. Check it out below!

Target B2C: LinkedIn Myths

Written by: Emilie Kruger

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