Your “Rock Star” Employee Duplicated

Apple might fancy another Steve Jobs, Berkshire Hathaway could be seeking a second Warren Buffett and Comedy Central might be on the hunt for replacements for talk show hosts Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver. LinkedIn wants to help them — a …


Appreciating Socially Conscious Companies

If you would have asked me a year ago to give an example of a sustainable organization I would have thought of Tom’s Shoes and that’s probably about it. I’ve heard the term used for a while now, but I never truly understood what being a socially consci …


Social Selling: Getting Your Salespeople Onboard

3 Tactics to Get Salespeople to Embrace Social Selling. Today’s technology-enabled buyers do their own research before calling a sales rep. They use blogs, discussion forums, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook to frame business issues, identify optio …


7 Companies Where Creative People Thrive

If you have creativity in your blood, there’s nothing worse than working in an environment that stifles your out-of-the-box thinking—and nothing better than finding a company that’s built by and for people just like you.


4 Ways to Build Your Employment Brand

Your employment brand is very similar to your personal brand in respect to marketing your expertise to the people in your networks. However, when you create your employment brand, you’re specifically marketing yourself as a job seeker for employers and recruiters. By doing this, you can help recruiters discover you as a potential candidate for their company.


9 Steps to a Successful Employer Branding Strategy

Never has current and future talent been more important to business success than it is today. Today, organizations discuss having a “people advantage” and work with “talent optimization.” There are also new titles and positions like “Chief Talent Officer.” Attracting and retaining the right talent is becoming a key organizational capability. The industry is quickly moving away from a short-term recruitment focus to a long-term employer branding focus.