Kickstarter Did Something Tech Startups Never Do

In early March, Kickstarter quietly sent shareholders a dividend. In the wider world of business, such an action would be unremarkable. More than 80 percent of the companies in the S&P 500 pay dividends, and many smaller companies do, too. But divv …


Social Seal of Approval Lures Talent

The Social Seal: Employers Tout Their B Corp Label as a Credential to Compete for Young Hires  companies compete to lure young, socially minded talent, they are stepping up their B game. More companies are touting the B Corp logo, a third-party seal of …


What PayPal’s Rocky Beginnings Can Teach You About Startup Success

As CEO of a startup in launch mode, you could build a product or service and sell to any customer. Make a list of all the possible market segments and specific measures used to evaluate these segments and you might run out of resources before you even get started…how should you narrow down the list of options to make the best choice?


5 Effective Strategies to Market Your Startup

If you’re a co-founder of a startup, then you know how hard it is to acquire those first customers…to help you get more customers, here are 5 effective marketing strategies that are proven to help your startup succeed in today’s competitive market!