5 Tips for Social Media Marketing

Social media for business has been the golden goose that seems to never lay the golden egg.  You feed it, you nurture it, and spend time with it, you just never seem to get the payoff.

The internet landsca pe has changes so drastically over the last five years as more and more people are turning to mobile devices, relying less on PC’s the always connected word has created the exponential rise the social networks of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn among many others.

If you want to see a payoff in social media you need the following five things:


1. Strategy.  This is the most crucial step for any success endeavor, social media is no exception, create a plan that stay’s true to your mission and values.


2. Compelling Content.  Identifying and delivering the kinds of content that can most effectively engage your audience.  You don’t have to create just unique content as you can curate interesting content that has great value to your audience.


3.  Pictures or Video. When your audience has something to look at with picture or video, you will dramatically increase the level of engagement. According to VFM Leonardo Inc.’s “Social Media Engagement Study”, posts with videos attract 3x more traffic than plain text posts.


4.  Sense of Humor.  Who doesn’t love to laugh?  When you post something funny, it is more likely to get shared and be remembered.  So don’t be a fuddy duddy make them laugh and see your engagement rise!


5.  Consistency.  You must stay engaged with your audience.  If you come and go, and don’t react to comments they make on your posts, you will be loose them the next time.  Be engaged just like you would if you got a phone call or an email.  You must respond!  Social News Daily, reports that 97% of consumers said an online experience influenced whether or not they bought a product or service from a brand.

Social Media engagement can be time consuming and challenging at times, but if you do it right and ensure that you use the five tips above, you will be well on your way to being a success!

If you are ready to socially engage your company, let’s talk!  We have the tools, methods, and ability to help you get your goose to lay that golden egg you’ve been waiting for!

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