7 Companies Where Creative People Thrive

If you have creativity in your blood, there’s nothing worse than working in an environment that stifles your out-of-the-box thinking—and nothing better than finding a company that’s built by and for people just like you.

So, I have hand-selected seven workplaces across the country that are made for creative types—with teams of artistic and big-thinking people, spaces that are designed for brainstorming, and missions to make the world a more inspiring and beautiful place. If you’re looking for a new place to let your creativity run wild, peek inside the doors of these cool companies.


1. Making the Web More Beautiful: Squarespace

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Where: New York

Squarespace makes creating a beautiful website easier than ever before: The site offers tons of customizable templates and extensive features that even inexperienced web users can utilize to build their own creative, professional presence on the web. (Seriously, if you need a website,check it out.)

But the designers and engineers behind the scene at Squarespace don’t just get to create—they also get the time and space they need to perfect their work. “We really understand that to make a great product, you have to revise it and redo it,” explains Software Engineer Thomas Chau. “There’s a lot of respect for that creative process here.”

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2. The Creative Social Network: Pinterest

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Where: San Francisco

Every designer, crafter, foodie, and fashion-lover’s favorite social network is, not surprisingly, a creative place to work, too. Case in point: Pinterest holds regular Hackathons, where employees (technical or not) get to choose a creative idea they want to make happen. (One recent project involved creating a real-life pinboard for the office wall.) “We have a lot of really communicative, creative people who are respectful of each other and good at working together,” says staffer Tracy Chou.

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3. Photo Sharing Fun: Flickr

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Where: San Francisco

The world’s premiere photo-sharing site is also home to a team of art and photography fanatics. “I find that I learn something every day from my co-workers,” says Lead Product Designer Marc Perry. “I think it is necessary to be inspired, because you need that passion to create something great.”

Flickr team members embrace a fun, creative culture with an open-space office, perfect for great conversation and impromptu brainstorming. Oh, and for starting Nerf wars. “We’ve been known for our antics,” jokes Front-End Engineer Scott Schiller.

See Flickr’s Office | Jobs at Flickr


4. Ideas Worth Spreading: TED

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Where: New York

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) began as an annual conference, but it’s since expanded into a movement with many affiliated programs: TEDActive, TEDGlobal, TEDx, TEDEd, TED Talks, the TED Prize, and the TED Fellows Program, to name a few.

But the organization’s original mission of “ideas worth spreading,” has stayed the same, and it trickles down into the company culture. “TED is about spreading ideas, so we’ve also tried to create a culture in the office that’s creative, that’s cross-disciplinary, that’s collaborative,” says June Cohen, Executive Producer of TED Media. “A culture where ideas can come from anywhere.”

See TED’s Office | Jobs at TED


5. Creativity for a Cause: (RED)

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Where: New York

(RED)’s mission is simple: Partner with iconic brands like GAP and Starbucks to create campaigns for the fight against AIDS. But its strategies couldn’t be more outside-of-the box: “The real focus at (RED) is creativity. We’re always trying to top what we did last—we never want to rinse and repeat any type of idea,” says Zach Overton, (RED)’s General Manager, Business Development.

The (RED) team also settles for nothing less when it comes to decorating its space: Boasting exposed brick walls, photographs of famous (RED) luminaries, and its signature red color, the office serves as a showcase of the widespread impact (RED) has been able to achieve and a space the team feels inspired to return to.

See (RED)’s Office | Jobs at (RED)


6. A World of Digital Imagery: Shutterstock

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Where: New York

Since its founding in 2003, Shutterstock has been building the vast photo, vector, and illustrations library that bloggers, artists, and publications around the world use to find great images.

The company obviously draws a lot of photo fanatics and creative tech types (the annual 24-hour Hackathon is a favorite employee event), but the artistic inclination doesn’t stop there. “Shutterstock naturally attracts people who are creative,” says Dan McCormick, Shutterstock’s SVP of Technology. “Half of our development team plays some sort of musical instrument really well—we always joke about starting a Shutterstock band.”

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7. Art for Everyone: Artsicle

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Where: New York

Art rental start-up Artsicle’s mission is twofold: to make art affordable and accessible to everyone and to give artists a way to make a good living doing what they love.

And team members agree—the best perk working at Artsicle is the amazing exposure employees get to up-and-coming artists. The office itself is decorated with Artsicle artwork, and Dan, Artsicle’s Creative Director, makes it his mission to periodically rotate the décor, always keeping the office feeling fresh and keeping the team inspired. “The walls pretty much change on a daily basis,” he says.

By  The Daily Muse Editor

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