LinkedIn Myths: Debunked

In this extra nerdy rendition of MythBusters, I’m shedding light on the truth behind 5 of the most common LinkedIn myths. Myth #1: Only Connect With People You Know Go ahead; be as selective as you want with who you accept as your Facebook friend or yo …


Is Richard Branson’s Vacation Plan Crazy or Brilliant?

Eccentric billionaire Richard Branson is known for his larger-than-life exploits, but now he may be cultivating a reputation as the hero of the working stiff.


Ebay CEO John Donahoe Talks About The PayPal Split And Future Of Two Companies

Today eBay announced it would spin-off its fast-growing PayPal division in 2015. The decision to separate PayPal from eBay’s marketplace operations is a drastic reversal for eBay, which this February fended off an aggressive attack from activist investor Carl Icahn who called the two companies to split.


5 Effective Strategies to Market Your Startup

If you’re a co-founder of a startup, then you know how hard it is to acquire those first customers…to help you get more customers, here are 5 effective marketing strategies that are proven to help your startup succeed in today’s competitive market!