LinkedIn is Committing to be carbon negative by 2030

LinkedIn is proud to be part of Microsoft’s commitment to be carbon negative by 2030. We’re committed to ambitious goals and a new plan to reduce and ultimately remove our carbon footprint. This includes: A pledge to being carbon negative by 2030, and, …


The Currency of Trust: 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Critical For Your Cryptocurrency Business and Professional Success

If you’re in cryptocurrency and LinkedIn is an afterthought, you are missing out. The world has changed. The way we do business has changed. In year’s past, you could walk into a local shop, meet the owner face to face, experience his work, and shake h …


Decisions, Decisions: What Separates Leaders From the Rest

Anytime I have a tough decision to make, I wonder what James Burke would do. Burke isn’t a household name, certainly not in the modern pantheon of entrepreneurial leaders like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. But that’s not surprising. Burke spent nearly 40 ye …


What It Means To Be A Neurohacker

Dr. Zachary Stein, philosopher of education and a research member of the Neurohacker Collective, begins a series on the ethics of neurohacking. This series is part of our commitment to engage our research community on the challenges and opportunities i …


How to Be a Social Entrepreneur

Christopher Gray’s first job title after graduation was C.E.O. As the son of a single mother who lost her job during the recession, he knew he would need considerable financial aid to pay for college. After seven strenuous months of searching for schol …


Social Entrepreneurship = The New Black

Greed is good. Who cares about the rest? Luckily, that way of thinking is outdated thanks to the rise of social entrepreneurship worldwide. Focusing on the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) companies are now looking to create value for al …


B Corp Spotlight: GO Box

The dark side of Portland’s legendary food cart ecosystem are the thousands of plastic, paper, and styrofoam food containers that are tossed into the trash every day. Laura Weiss, founder of GO Box, is doing her part to make that ecosystem a bit health …


Let My People Go Surfing

Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard is a reluctant businessman who owns a company that is steadily approaching $1 billion in annual sales. To show how he has balanced a thriving business with an unwavering dedication to environmental preservation, he is r …


Introducing the Zentrepreneur

You’ve seen the entrepreneur game-changing up a Silicon Valley storm. Perhaps you’ve met more recent additions to this can-do tribe: there’s the micro-entrepreneur, eagerly hopping along Task Rabbit with dry cleaning deliveries, and the social entrepre …


Young Entrepreneurs Take Bite Out Of Hunger

How can 50 million Americans face hunger and not know where their next meal is coming from while 40 percent of food gets wasted? Millennial social entrepreneurs are cooking up solutions. Rachel Sumekh, 24, co-founded Swipe Out Hunger, which allows coll …


Conscious Capitalism: More Than Just Profit Making

The Social Enterprise Summit 2016 on the topic ‘Doing Business with a Conscience’ was held in Mumbai on July 1. The summit brought together civil society leaders, social enterprises, and corporates on a common platform which included names like Raj Sis …


Insights From The CMT Of Xerox, An $18B Firm

Duane Schulz, Chief Marketing Technologist at Xerox, is one of the true pioneers of this hybrid profession. Duane has forged a number of great marketing technology management practices at Xerox, a highly-distributed $18 billion company with over 100,00 …


Kickstarter Did Something Tech Startups Never Do

In early March, Kickstarter quietly sent shareholders a dividend. In the wider world of business, such an action would be unremarkable. More than 80 percent of the companies in the S&P 500 pay dividends, and many smaller companies do, too. But divv …


Lessons From a Social Entrepreneur

As a kid growing up in South India, I had a dream. When I saw fellow humans seeking alms at traffic lights, I always felt that an opportunity for steady income would extricate them out of poverty. In my naive mind, I had implicitly assumed that the opp …


Building A Purpose-Driven Workforce Is A Process, Not A Project

Purpose matters in life and in business. This concept has long held a welcome place in the social sector as a driving force behind sustaining the commitment of those doing social change work. Now alongside the rise of social enterprises, the way purpos …


Millennial Yogi Transforming The Trucking Industry

In 2008, Jann Hedrick, a long haul trucker, went to a clinic for his biannual physical. He’d just finished a grueling round-trip drive between Florida and California and when the nurse took his blood pressure it was dangerously high. He faced hospitali …


This Business Move Cost CVS $2 Billion

Developing a socially conscious business model that gives back to the community, while also turning a profit, is no easy task. Helena Foulkes, the executive vice president of CVS Health, knows this well. She oversees the company’s transition to becomin …


Social Entrepreneur Offers 5 Tips For Impact

Septuagenarian Tom Chappell, founder of Tom’s of Maine, the natural toothpaste company that became a national phenomenon and was sold to Colgate Palmolive in 2006 for $100 million, is up to good again with Ramblers Way Farm, Inc. The new $1 million rev …


15 CEO Quotes About Operating With A Higher Purpose

Lately I have been thinking, researching, interviewing and writing a lot about the concept of higher purpose. My work has led me to believe both society and employees are yearning for a higher sense of purpose. Society wants more from its leaders, be i …


Conscious Capitalism: Evolving Business

From April 12 through April 14, hundreds of professionals from across the world came together to deepen their practical application of conscious capitalism (CC). Conscious capitalism exists to utilize business to elevate humanity. Raj Sisodia is a dist …


Aetna Proves You Can Prioritize People And Still Earn A Huge Profit

Aetna’s Mark Bertolini isn’t the kind of chief executive you typically find in the elite group of Fortune 50 companies. He talks openly about his personal health struggles. He evangelizes a healthful culture, and encourages his employees to meditate an …


Today’s Best Brands Aren’t Marketing, They’re Creating Movements

Housing prices were imploding. Financial institutions were in a nosedive. The Great Recession had just gotten underway, and was showing itself to become what it would – a tectonic shift in our economy that would eliminate 7,030,000 jobs in the 13 month …


‘RiseUP’: Uniting Global Leaders

Meet Kate Maloney, a master of sharing herself and enrolling others in their visions. Over the last several years, Maloney has started ten different companies and sold seven of them. Maloney’s current project? A summit and a movie called RiseUP that is …


World’s Greatest Leaders

Especially striking in our new ranking of the World’s 50 Greatest ­Leaders is how many of them you may not recognize. In our media-saturated, personality-obsessed global culture, how can that be? Yet it is so, and that’s what makes this group so hearte …


The Unbeaten Path

I like to start every day on Necker with an early morning walk around the island. There are stunning views of the BVI to take in, while flamingos fly overhead. It is relaxing, peaceful and invigorating. But there is also an alternative walk around the …


30 Under 30: Social Entrepreneurs

After Christopher Gray, 24, earned enough scholarship awards to fund his entire Drexel University education (and then some), he knew he wanted to pay it forward. Today, the Scholly cofounder and CEO is using a simple app to help 600,000 people and coun …


Impact Is The New Mobile

It’s no longer acceptable for a website to not render well on mobile. In the next decade, it won’t be enough for a company to merely be profitable — customers, employees and investors will all demand that a company produce positive impact, as well. Thi …


Bienvenido a Mexico!

Margaritas, sand between our toes, and lots of sunshine were the backdrop to EveryoneLinked’s company retreat this year, bienvenido a Mexico! Although it’s a short drive from San Diego, trekking south of the border made it feel like we were thousands o …


Social Selling: Getting Your Salespeople Onboard

3 Tactics to Get Salespeople to Embrace Social Selling. Today’s technology-enabled buyers do their own research before calling a sales rep. They use blogs, discussion forums, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook to frame business issues, identify optio …


Companies with Benefits

In recent years, Warby Parker has become the eyeglass-maker of choice for hipsters. In a recent GQ taxonomy of the different varieties of nerd, all but one of the nerds were wearing a pair of Warby Parkers. The company’s approach—selling stylish specs …


Common Myths About Branding Dispelled

“Branding” has existed for thousands of years. In the beginning, it was an identifying mark that helped buyers recognize they were buying a pot (or steer) that wouldn’t break in the cooking fire. As technologies and production lines evolved over the la …


Social Media Campaigns: Lots to ‘Like’ About True Fan Engagement

Attracting fans is one thing, but engaging them and determining your true brand influencers and those who interact with your brand are the real goals to develop a successful social media campaign…


What PayPal’s Rocky Beginnings Can Teach You About Startup Success

As CEO of a startup in launch mode, you could build a product or service and sell to any customer. Make a list of all the possible market segments and specific measures used to evaluate these segments and you might run out of resources before you even get started…how should you narrow down the list of options to make the best choice?


5 Effective Strategies to Market Your Startup

If you’re a co-founder of a startup, then you know how hard it is to acquire those first customers…to help you get more customers, here are 5 effective marketing strategies that are proven to help your startup succeed in today’s competitive market!


SEO and PPC are Dead! The Rise of Social Media for Business..

The question always remains: what marketing technique makes more sense for your business? Marketing is often a challenge for many businesses, especially when there are too many competitors with the same product. When long-created SEO techniques become outdated, or no longer in play, someone must start to pedal to bring those features back.


Are you Ready to Socially Engage Your Company? – 10 Steps to Social Engaging Your Organization

Social media has become one of the most important, yet most misunderstood brand promotion methods in the world. Brandishing social media properly can get your brand exposure that you could never have imagined. Follow these 10 basic steps to use the potential of social media fully.


How is Your Leadership Vision?

One of the things that sets great leaders apart from the rest is that they have a vision of what they and their followers can achieve. It is the power, depth, and breadth of their vision. Vision is often spoken about, but is sometimes a difficult concept to explain. It is more than a goal or a purpose. Goals state what you aim to achieve. Visions paint a broader picture describing your most cherished dreams, hopes and possibilities.