Using LinkedIn Groups to Advance Your Career

Most people have a LinkedIn profile, but is that enough to truly engage in successful professional networking? LinkedIn boasts many other features that allow you to use the network to your advantage. So what’s LinkedIn’s best-kept secret that will advance your career? The answer is Groups.

LinkedIn Groups.

There are millions of professional groups where you can interact with like-minded people from around the world. These groups provide not only a great opportunity to network but also an endless supply of qualified leads and potential clients.

LinkedIn Groups

To really experience all the benefits of LinkedIn groups, you should create your own. This gives you the opportunity to attract your ideal customers, supply them with valuable information, and establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry. With the click of a button, you can deliver relevant content to thousands group members directly to their inboxes.

Starting your own group on LinkedIn definitely has its advantages. John Nemo, American City Business Journals contributing writer put it perfectly saying “…it’s great to work the party circuit by joining other people’s LinkedIn Groups, an even better play is to invite everyone you meet back to your house for the after-party.”

Although starting a group only takes a second, building a following, maintaining interactions, and making it a success does take effort. I know firsthand; our team at EveryoneLinked started the Marketing: Digital Trends and Innovation Group, which creates an interactive place for networking, collaborating, and learning on various topics including digital marketing, innovative leadership, and corporate responsibility.

Written by Emilie Kruger, Lead Marketing Specialist, EveryoneLinked

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