Why LinkedIn Native Video and Why it’s Important

We’ve all heard that video is king and it shows with platforms such as Youtube taking over the content space followed by live streaming from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

We rarely think of Linkedin being a space for video success, but it’s quickly starting to stand out as your answer to reach B2B opportunities and provide a place for you or your company to become an authority in an up tapped space.

With the recent launch of native video on LinkedIn, your message can get in front of even more businesses and clients while building engagement.

Think about it, your sales reps could share an event, share your products and services or, if your CEO is speaking at a conference, you could record and share that within your LinkedIn feed or a group you run.

Think of how many times you’ve connected with a company because the video they put out on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Snapchat. It’s a high probability that you have engaged with many throughout your scrolling.

Just like you stop out of curiosity – others do as well. With the rollout of native video on LinkedIn, you’re now able to spark the curiosity of the B2B market.

The other sites are great to find consumers, however, if your company is based on the success of clients. advisors, CEO’s, marketing and sales companies – you’re going to be in just the right space to build a relationship with those people. Let’s face it, there are people behind those companies that still need to know, like and trust you. What better way to connect than to get in front of them. It’s the next best thing to in-person.

They get to see you, hear about your services and or follow you because of the authority you create and the options you offer.

Just like the other platforms, LinkedIn provides video analytics such as the numbers of comments, views, shares, likes and whose viewing your video – as in, where someone works, their job title and tops markets. This is unique to LinkedIn; with this information think of how much value you’ll gain by knowing these insights.

The native video feature is currently only available on mobile. Make sure you download and or update your LinkedIn app to take advantage of this feature.

You are able to record and upload a video right in the app up to 10 minutes in length. There is the option to shoot your video both vertically or horizontally depending on your structure  – horizontal is more “in the moment”  and vertical is more thought out and professional. Remember, be consistent with your brand. Videos can build and create the know, like and trust factor which showcases your knowledge and expertise.

How to Use LinkedIn native video

After you download or update your LinkedIn app, you’ll see a “share box” on your home screen, there will be a little camera icon. You can choose to shoot a live video or upload one from your camera roll. When you record a live video it will automatically be saved when you’re finished to your phone’s camera roll. Once your video is uploaded, hit post and voila, your video is up! Take into consideration the phone your using, if you have an iPhone you’ll have to stay in the app. If you have an Android you can do other things while your video is uploading.

The maximum video length is 10 minutes with a 5GB file size limit. The sweet spot seems to be in the 30 second to 5-minute length. You’re also able to add text to describe your video, add links, tag people and include hashtags.

When posted it will show up in the newsfeed of those who follow you and will automatically start playing with the sound off. All they have to do is unmute to hear the audio.

Take Note

LinkedIn is still very much business-focused – creating a high quality video that is professional will get more views rather than spontaneous videos that you find on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. As with everything, stay on brand and focused on what you offer and how you can serve others.

Once your video is uploaded you can share to other locations and feature the video on your LinkedIn profile. To do this you simply click on the ellipsis (three dots) icon in the upper right corner of your post. Choose the “copy link” option, then go to your profile settings, edit your intro section and upload the video to “media”.

Video can amplify your brand and help you get more visibility and reach to people who you might otherwise miss. Put time and effort into creating noteworthy videos that offer solutions for your ideal client and or ideal business connection. When you do this, you’ll see even more results in your favor.

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