Amanda is about to enter her final year at San Diego State University, and she has realized that her creative mind and drive for success are pointing her toward a career in marketing. She has a passion to learn and pours her drive and creativity into writing and helping purpose driven, conscious companies maximize their success. As our newest marketing specialist, Amanda spends her time creating specialized marketing content, writing and analyzing strategic messaging, and managing our blog articles and social media accounts.

She is the absolute happiest with a guitar or a sketchbook in her hand and loves to travel and try new food. After a few relief work trips to some desolate corners of the globe, she has decided that making a difference in the world is among the most fulfilling ways to spend your days and would love to incorporate that notion into her career. It is because of this that she is especially honored to be a part of a company that always strives to benefit the community and helps other companies give back as well.

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