LinkedIn – Connect Already!!!

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to fully embrace LinkedIn as THE place to present yourself and your business to the world.  I fought it myself, just not wanting to pay attention, I didn’t believe I had the time.
It was bugging me for a while.  Those annoying emails I kept getting from LinkedIn inviting me to connect.  I signed up for LinkedIn years ago, logged in, but never completed my profile.   I really didn’t even remember my password.  It just wasn’t that important to pay attention to ANOTHER social network.  I was spending too much time on Facebook and I had barely started to figure out Twitter.

But those emails kept coming, slowly at first, but over the last year it became fast and furious.  I began to feel like I was missing something, something important as I started hearing friends talk about LinkedIn.  A connection they had made, a job they had found, or an amazing opportunity they had discovered.


One morning I started thinking I need to figure out how to use LinkedIn.  I put it in the category of “some day” and went on about my busy life.  But, those emails kept coming!  Each time I got another email from LinkedIn, it was a reminder of something I hadn’t done yet.  You know that nagging feeling when you are procrastinating on doing something that you want to do, but don’t REALLY want to do it?  I found it super annoying, especially since LinkedIn wasn’t letting me forget about it!


One day, I hit a breaking point…Connect, Connect, Connect..  Ahhh… Five emails in one hour to connect!  Finally, I had had enough and devoted a few hours to really decide if I was going to cancel my account, or dig in and use it.


So, as I dug into LinkedIn, and I discovered that I WAS missing something!  I was missing a powerful opportunity to make the most of my Professional Self online.   Here are the first three things that caught my attention right away:


1. Google Search.  I typed my name into Google and found that my profile on LinkedIn was the #2 result.  As I did research on this, I found that it was the same for most people, sometimes #1 and almost never below #3.


2.  Robust Resume.  I didn’t really comprehend that LinkedIn gave me a tremendous platform to show anyone that is interested the full history of my professional life.  It’s so much more powerful then a resume as I get to include pictures, sounds, video’s, and slide shows.


3.  Too Big to Ignore!  When I first found LinkedIn, there were about 15 million people using it, barely anyone I had worked with or even knew.  Boy times have changed!  LinkedIn is now over 225 Million people and doubled in size last year alone! I have a hard time not finding people now.


Believe me when I tell you, this is just the tip of the Iceberg! I found SO much more inside LinkedIn, with Company Pages, Groups, and Recommendations.  If you haven’t done it yet, or have just sorta connected, it’s seriously time to “Connect Already.”


If you are new to LinkedIn or even an expert, we can help you and your business get the most out of Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.