Attracting great employees is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. All too often, companies underestimate the impact their organization has on their industry, their employees, and their community at large. That’s why we are here, to team up with awesome companies looking to hire equally as awesome people.

With our expertise and experience utilizing LinkedIn, our teams works with you to create customized recruiting strategies that successfully fill and retain employees for even the most difficult positions. By optimizing your company’s page on LinkedIn to showcase what makes your organization unique, creating compelling LinkedIn job listings, building a robust list of potential employees within your geographical location, and creating actionable drip campaigns, there will be no shortage of rockstar employees wanting to work for you!

At EveryoneLinked we believe in the old “teach a man to fish” adage, which is why we make education a focal point to our services. We offer hands-on training throughout our marketing campaigns to leave you with the know-how and blueprint to continue using LinkedIn as a tool for your growth.

Everyone agrees that a group of brand advocates is better than one, that’s why EveryoneLinked’s customized corporate training program is a great way to get your whole company involved. In these group-training sessions we empower your team to use their own social platforms to promote the awesome company they work for.

We know the end goal of any business is to see more dollars to your bottom line. Our unique LinkedIn lead generation tactics connect you with thousands of potential customers who appreciate what your organization provides just as much as we do. Add our sales strategies to the mix, and you’re reaching your target goals faster than ever.

Whether you’re visualizing, developing, or rejuvenating a brand, LinkedIn provides an incredible opportunity to connect with the right people and market your ideas to thousands of like-minded individuals.

Corporate Branding:

This is your opportunity to highlight your company and showcase the incredible things your organization does everyday. Whether you design an eco-friendly stand-up paddle board, are commercial painters who give back to the community, or are a scientist on a mission to save the world, we love your story and we think it should be heard.

Personal Branding:

All too often, we come across LinkedIn profiles that look and read like outdated resumes, and who really wants to read that? LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to tell who you are with rich content, images, videos, awards, recommendations, and so much more. No doubt about it, you’ve done phenomenal things in your life and in your career, now it’s time to show off!

Everyone Linked